Pure Detox Shampoo and Mask 2 in 1 purifying 0% parabens 250ml. nº3


Shampoo&mask Pure Detox without parabens. 2 in 1 Detox PlanPurifiesrefreshes and oxygenates with organic aloe vera oil for hair and scalp care. Improves hair health, controlling and preventing the production of grease and/or dandruff. Vegan.

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What benefits does it provide?

- Purifies, refreshes, and oxygenates the scalp.

- Prevents excessive oil production.

- Minimizes flaking, enhances scalp health, and provides a comfortable sensation.

- Promotes scalp microbiome health and protects it from contamination by external microorganisms.

- Moisturizes and revitalizes the scalp.

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It offers an effective solution to save time, water and facilitate hair care through a 3 in 1 action, in a single step:

1) Proper cleaning of the hair.

2) Conditioning.

3) Repair and hydration of the hair fiber, internally and externally.

Suitable for all hair types and scalps and effective in eliminating impurities and toxins and when you need to oxygenate your scalp and hair. It is also suitable for oily-prone scalps and for treating scalp flaking.

Two key natural ingredients are grapefruit extract and aloe vera extract. Grapefruit, a citrus fruit rich in vitamins A, B, C, flavonoids, calcium, and sodium, is renowned for its antioxidant properties, as well as its toning, refreshing, and purifying effects. Meanwhile, aloe vera extract acts as a potent moisturizer and scalp rejuvenator, improving the overall scalp condition and reducing the tendency to flake.

It also contains other purifying active ingredients:

  • Dermo-Pure Botanics: an eco-friendly, 100% natural anti-dandruff active ingredients that prevents contamination by non-indigenous microorganisms, which can disrupt the scalp's natural ecosystem.
  • Volcanic Powder: helps eliminate impurities from the hair and scalp, thanks to its gentle exfoliating properties.
  • Sage Extract: provides antioxidant and purifying effects.
  • Menthol: delivers a purifying and refreshing action for the scalp.

  • Shampo & Mask Pure Detox 250ml.
  • Elasticity serum 100ml. Leave-in.

Wash your hair as usual, massaging gently. Leave it to act for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

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